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Advantages of importing artificial stone from Malaysia to Am

Time: 10/17/19 16:01

The US Commerce Department received application from domestic industry,then decided to anti-dumping and countervailing investigations about Chinese artificial quartz countertop . It is reported that 301 Chinese producers were included in the application list. The main products is artificial stone top ,it is made of quartz sand and other materials add the resin .It can be used for kitchen and bathroom countertop, bathtubs tile or partial replacement of wall tiles.

The US has restricted the entry of quartz stone countertop products through anti-dumping, which will meet a quick increase cost about importing artificial stone products from China.
How do American customers reduce the cost of imported artificial stone?
In the face of such high anti-dumping duties imposed on Chinese artificial stone, the lowest cost, the most feasible way is intermediary trade to evade anti-dumping duties. In current, it is mainly based on Malaysia and Thailand port. We own an artificial stone processing factory in Malaysia, the products can be directly sent out from Malaysia port. Detail as follows:

1. The customer selects the desired product;
2. We will declare the export from Malaysia to any port of the United States you need;
3. Your company will use the scanned copy of Malaysia certificate of origin, bill of lading, invoice and bill of lading to collect the final payment from your customers. After receiving the cost of your company, our company will send all original documents to your company;
4. Directly use Malaysia's certificate of origin, bill of lading, bill of lading, and invoice customs clearance to avoid high tariffs
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